Remote Support Service Available Operating System Supported: Windows, Apple Mac, Chrome OS


All repairs come with atleast 14 day warranty on labour and 30 day warranty on parts.

Exempt from warranty: Software, Virus Removal and Liquid Damage Repairs.

Data Recovery

Free consulation available. We will check first that our computer/software can recognise the device before we go ahead with attempting a recovery.

RRefurbished Device Sales

All of our Refurbished Devices come with 30 Days Warranty (Extended Warranty can be purchased.

Standard Charge - No charge with a B.E.R Device (Beyond Economical Repair)


Laptop Screen Replacement

Average is £65.00

120GB / 128GB Solid State Drive Upgrade

From £50.00

Data Recovery

From £30.00

Games Console Full Clean Out

£25.00 / £35.00

Virus / Malware / Trojan Removal

Upto £50.00

Full Service / Thorough Clean + Thermal Paste + Updates + Virus Scan

From £40.00

Remote Session Hourly

£30.00 (OAP £20.00)

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